Connect With Your Customers
Your company's success depends on what you say to your prospects and how
you say it. Over 60% of a website's impact is in the content. But you need more
than just persuasive writing -- you need compelling marketing, a communications
strategy, and content that reflects your customers' needs.

We offer the combination of marketing expertise and strategy, insightful research,
and excellent copywriting that delivers results and impact.

We specialize in marketing communications and strategy
  • Website copywriting
  • Strategic messaging
  • SEO optimized content
  • Communication strategies and plans
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Product and company positioning and differentiation
  • Primary and secondary research

The Communications Strategy -- Your Business Advantage
The communications plan is your roadmap for every communication with your
customers.  It establishes your brand, your strategic messages, and differentiates
your business from your competition.

Strategic Messaging -- Your Key to Building Profit
Strategic messages are the foundation for communicating with your customers.
You'll need unique messages for each target audience while maintaining
consistency overall.

Website Content -- Your Opportunity to Build Trust
Your website is your key opportunity to reach new customers.  We'll make sure
your website maximizes SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and
keyword searches.
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