Writing for the Web

Customers spend only a few seconds reading the average
, so every word counts.  Here's what you need to know:
  • Traditional writing styles do not work on the web
  • Users scan websites -- they don't read them
  • Informal writing works best
  • Rewriting existing pages in a website can significantly
    improve usability
  • SEO (search engine optimization) techniques are critical
    when writing for the web
  • Users want information and objectivity, not hype
  • Customers value concise and targeted content

Brochure copy should not be used on your website. You will
need to use specialized content (including keywords) and
techniques to deliver a website that will be read, used, and
valued by your customers.

Our Web Services:
  • Website analysis and evaluation
  • SEO Website writing and content research
  • Qualitative customer research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Blog writing and ghost writing

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